How to Fly Singapore Airlines and Earn Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles – but is it worth it?

I was recently asked whether you can transfer KrisFlyer Miles to Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles and I had to say no you can’t – but you can fly Singapore Airlines and earn Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles via a slightly long method, here I look at how and whether it’s worth it.

Enrich Malaysia Airlines

Why would you do this?

The first question I would ask you is why do this in the first place?  Airline schemes are intended to keep you loyal to one airline and such usually offer poor value for transfers of any kind.  But there maybe some reasons below that I thought of:

Unlikely to earn enough for a redemption

It may just be a simple case that you are just not going to earn enough KrisFlyer Miles to redeem for an award flight on Singapore Airlines.  This may be the case for many people but remember you can use the Pay with KrisFlyer Miles option which gives you a way to part pay with your KrisFlyer Miles at a value of 0.6 cents per Mile.  Also I’ve done a post on how to use small amounts or expiring KrisFlyer Miles here

Want to keep your programmes simple

You may just want to keep your loyalty programmes down to a minimum and avoid having to manage earning and spending with a number of different programmes, and want to consolidate.  Whilst I agree that this strategy would allow things to be far simpler you are rarely going to get the best value for money this way.

Singapore Airlines don’t fly where you want to go?

If you don’t live in Singapore and tend to travel routes that Singapore Airlines doesn’t offer then you might find collecting KrisFlyer Miles a bit redundant!  More so if you aren’t going to earn enough KrisFlyer Miles to redeem on Star Alliance partner award then this is likely to be the number one reason why to use this method to collect Enrich Miles instead (assuming you can redeem on Malaysia Airlines/Oneworld of course!).

Have you considered topping up your KrisFlyer account

You can top-up you KrisFlyer account in a number of ways that have been outlined in this post.  But predominantly you can buy KrisFlyer Miles through partners or transfer Credit Card points over.  Doing this may enable you to have enough miles for an award flight – again check out my previous post on how to use small amounts or expiring KrisFlyer Miles her.

How to Fly Singapore Airlines and Earn Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles – via Virgin Atlantic Flying Club!

Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Club Programme (Not Virgin America or Virgin Australia!) is a partner of Singapore Airlines and you can earn Flying Club Miles on every Singapore Airlines flight.  Uniquely Virgin Flying Club enables you to transfer your earned miles out to a hotel loyalty programme like IHG Rewards or HHonors, which means that you can then transfer onto the Malaysia Airlines Enrich programme.  The main drawback being a minimum of 10,000 Flying Club Miles are required.

Transferring Using IHG Rewards Club

Step 1 – Setup a Virgin Flying Club Membership – click here for the link

Step 2 – Open up a IHG Rewards Club account

Step 3 – Transfer your Virgin Flying Club Miles to IHG Rewards Club Points

Step 4 –  Transfer you IHG Rewards Club Points to Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles – for how see here

Virgin Flying Club Miles transfer to IHG Rewards points at a rate of 1:1 so the minimum 10,000 Miles will give you 10,000 IHG Rewards Club points.  These can then the transferred to Enrich for 10,000 to 1,500 which is not a great earning rate at a ratio of 10 to 1.5 Miles.  Just as an example flying to the UK on Singapore Airlines would usually earn you 6791 KrisFlyer Miles (flex economy), using this method you would earn 1018 Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles.

You can also earn via Hilton HHonors in the same manner:

Step 1 – Setup a Virgin Flying Club Membership

Step 2 – Open up a Hilton HHonors account

Step 3 – Transfer your Virgin Flying Club Miles to Hilton HHonors Points

Step 4 –  Transfer you HHonors Points to Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles

Essentially you get the same amount of Enrich Miles as per the other method with the 10,000 Virgin Flying Club Miles converting to 15,000 HHonors points which in turn convert to 1,500 Enrich Miles.


Of course you aren’t getting a fantastic ratio for this transfer and generally I would only do this for the reasons that I’ve listed above.  If you are a member of either Hilton HHonors or IHG Rewards Club then you are probably better off keeping and using your points for hotel stays.  On the plus side Virgin Atlantic Flying Club does have a generous expiry policy in that you only need some account activity over a three year period to keep you Virgin Flying Club Miles active.  Don’t forget as well that because Virgin Atlantic and Malaysia Airlines are partners you can always redeem directly on Malaysia Airlines starting at 20,000 Miles for an award on Malaysian Airlines – thus avoiding the transfer penalties!