How to Find Your Fare Class on Malaysia Airlines Flights

One question that I see a lot is how to find out the fare class you are booking for Malaysia Airlines flights and to be honest it’s not that straight forward, so I’m going to show you how. Malaysia Airlines Fare Class

Why is Fare Class Important?

The fare class that you are booked in determines a few things. Firstly it determines the earning rates of Enrich Miles that you earn, which could be nothing or 200% of the distance flown. For example if you are flying in First class on a revenue ticket then you’ll most likely be in F or A class giving your 200% of the Miles flown, or if you are in O class in Economy you’ll only earn 50% of the Miles flown.

Secondly the fare class also determines whether you can upgrade the ticket using Enrich Miles – for example you can’t upgrade your ticket if you are in O class (economy), but if you are in K class you can to business class. Finally the fare class also determines the flexibility that you have on your particular ticket – whether you can cancel without fees, or whether the ticket can be changed.

You can find all of the fare classes on the Malaysia Airlines website here.

Note that Malaysia Airlines isn’t great at matching its Fare class and the fare conditions (the flexibility).

If you are looking at this from a Oneworld or Malaysia Airlines Partners perspective then you’ll need to know whether you’ll earn the relevant miles and status miles on your Malaysia Airlines flight. Finding your fare class is effectively the same but the difference you’ll find is that you won’t generally earn for the promo fares – the ones discounted. Taking the example of Oneworld member British Airways O class fares on Malaysia Airlines do not earn any credit in terms of Avios or Tier points. In these cases you might be worthwhile signing up to Enrich and crediting there instead. Your miles will last 3 years and there is usually a sign-up bonus of at least 1,000 Enrich Miles, see here.

Finding the Fare Class When Booking With Malaysia Airlines

Finding the fare class is actually relatively straight forward if you know how. When going through the booking process after you have selected your flights you’ll get to “Review Your Itinerary and Price”, this is where you can view the “View Fare Rules” – click on this.

Malaysia Airlines Fare Rules 2

When you’ve selected that you’ll get to the fare rules and a mass of text about what you can and can’t do with the fare you’ve selected, note that Malaysia Airlines isn’t great at matching the fare class and the fare rules. Here though you’ll see the fare basis and a code of numbers and letters with the airports you are flying to. In my example this is KUL-PEK (Kuala Lumpur to Beijing) and the First Letter is the Fare Class, so for me it’s Z – this is a business class fare and will earn 150% Enrich Miles and is upgradable to First Class (and see here).

Find The Fare Class on Bookings Already Made

You can also find the fare class on bookings you’ve already made with Malaysia Airlines by looking at you confirmation email. I recently flew from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur for a short getaway and I chose to fly with Malaysia Airlines. My confirmation email has all the details, if you scroll down and view the “Fare Rules” you’ll see the same numbers and letters code next to you airport codes. As you can see below the fare code for this particular flight is O class – one of the cheapest economy tickets, as I’d expect as the flight was only 100SGD.

Malaysia Airlines Fare Class


I hope that this helps you and if you have any questions then please leave them below and I’ll try to answer them! I’ve booked the wrong fare class before and it’s frustrating to find out later that you’ll earn Zero miles and status miles. If you have booked the wrong class shop around and see whether another program will allow you to credit the flights. If that’s not possible check the cancellation fees, change fees and ask the airline whether you can move fare class – but I’d only do this if you really need the credit of the flights!