How to Buy Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles

This is a post on how to buy Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles following my recent post on the cheapest ways to buy KrisFlyer Miles.  Read on to look at the value of each of the different way to purchase Enrich Miles, an it’s certainly not as easy as you may think!

Enrich Malaysia AirlinesUsing Malaysia Airlines own “Enrich Express” to purchase Enrich Miles

Malaysia Airlines does allow you to buy Enrich Miles, but it’s not quite as straight forward as it could be.  Firstly, they call it “Enrich Express” which you’ll find under your services when you login to your Enrich account here.   Enrich members are able to purchase up to 30% of the required Enrich Miles for a redemption.

So for example: Kuala Lumpur – London – Kuala Lumpur

  • Class of Travel: Economy
  • Enrich Miles required for ticket redemption 60,000
  • Minimum account balance of 70% of redemption requirement. 42,000
  • Amount of Enrich Miles eligible for purchase 18,000

You have to complete the “Enrich Express” form and then hand into the Malaysia Airlines office in Kuala Lumpur.  Personally I would just try to do this over the phone, if you have tried this before then please leave a comment below.

You can purchase Enrich Miles for redemption of Free Travel Awards, Companion Travel Awards, Upgrade Travel Awards, Golden Holidays Packages, Excess Baggage Allowance and Enrich Vouchers for Temptations Inflight Shopping and Golden Lounge Access.  I Would assume that purchasing Enrich Miles is really only going to be good for either award flights, upgrades or companion awards.

There is a little on “Enrich Express” here without the need to login.

The Cost of Buying Enrich Miles with Malaysian Airlines

You can purchase Enrich Miles through Malaysia Airlines at the rate of RM50 per 500 Enrich Miles.  This gives you a cost of RM0.1 per Enrich Mile.  There is an additional RM40 per transaction so you are better buying in bulk rather than small amounts as the minimum purchase of 1000 Enrich Miles will cost you RM0.14 per Enrich Mile (100+40 / 1000)

Lets say you just need 4,000 this would cost you RM0.11 per Enrich Mile – I’ll be using this as a comparison.

Buy Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles through IHG Rewards Club

As Enrich has IHG Rewards Club as a partner you could buy IHG Rewrds Club points and transfer them over.  You can purchase up to 60,000 IHG points costing $690 which can then be transferred at the ratio of 10,000 to 1,500 Enrich Miles.  This would mean they cost $0.076 per Enrich Mile or roughly RM0.23.  For comparison the 4,000 Enrich Miles would cost the same – RM0.23 per Enrich Mile double than that of purchasing direct through Malaysia Airlines.

You can buy IHG Points here and find out about IHG transfers here.

Buy Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles through Hilton HHonors

Your third option is to purchase through Hilton HHonors.  You can buy a maximum of 40,000 Hilton HHonors points per year at a cost of $400.  These transfer at a rate of 10:1 meaning that for that 40,000 you would get 4,000 Enrich Miles. Those would cost $0.06  or roughly RM 0.31 per Enrich Mile -nearly 3x the cost of purchasing through Malaysia Airlines.

You can buy Hilton HHonors Points here and find out about transfers here.

Buying Enrich Miles through American Express

When doing research on this piece I couldn’t see a way that you could purchase Membership Rewards Points outright with the Malaysian cards.  If however you are based in countries where you can buy American Express points then you can also transfer to Enrich at the rates listed on the website: American Express Transfer Rates

Notes on Purchasing through Starwood

Unfortunately Starwood is not a partner of Malaysia Airlines so there is no direct way to buy and transfer points into the Malaysia Airlines Enrich programme.  You can however transfer those Starwood points to Virgin Flying Club which you can in turn transfer to Hilton HHonors or IHG Rewards Club – but I wouldn’t recommend it as the value will be poor.

Other Options??

Have I missed any?  if so leave a comment below to let me know!


Malaysia Airlines has roughly kept the cost of purchasing their Enrich Miles at the same cost of Singapore Airlines and KrisFlyer.  However it seems as though they have made it a lot more difficult to do so, with only 30% able to be purchased as well as te slight bureaucracy involved.  Even with promotions like the IHG 100% bonus on purchased points it is not going to be good value to purchase Enrich Miles any other way than through Malaysia Airlines itself, unless you happen live in a country where American Express rewards points are going cheap.

There is a little on “Enrich Express” here which gives some detail on buying Enrich Miles – apparently the cheapest but not maybe the easiest way!