Hilton Honors Q1/Q2 Promotion with Singapore Airlines – Combine with Other Hilton Offers Confirmed!

This is the new Hilton Honors Q1/Q2 Promotion with Singapore Airlines offering up to triple miles for your next stays.  I’ve now confirmed that you can combine this with 4 other Hilton Honors promotions!

Singapore Airlines Hilton HHonors 2016 Promotion

Earn Bonus Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles with Hilton HHonors

Between the 1st February and the 31st May, KrisFlyer members can earn triple miles with Singapore Airlines at hotels in the Asia-Pacific Region.

For stays outside APAC, you’ll earn double the usual KrisFlyer miles.

You have two options with the Hilton Honors program – either collect ‘points and points’ or ‘points and miles’.  This is what you can get:

  • ‘Points and Points’ – Earn you 10 base points and 5 Hilton Honors Points per $1 spent (USD)
  • ‘Points and Miles’ – Earn you 10 base points and 1 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles per $1 spent

So if you select Points and Miles you’ll receive 10 base Hilton Honors points and up to 3 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles per $1 spent which is a pretty good deal considering I value KrisFlyer miles at a minimum of 2 cents per mile and Hilton HHonors at about 0.6 cents per point.

If you redeem for long-haul business you’d be much better off with Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer if you achieve 5 cents per mile.  Here is the promotion page:

Hilton Honors Q1/Q2 Promotion with Singapore Airlines – Up to Triple Miles

Combine Other Hilton Honors Promotions – Confirmed

You can also take advantage of this promotion in combination with other Hilton Honors Promotions that are on too.

For example, Hilton is running its Q1/Q2 Promotion 2016- Double Points or Miles and I’ve been able to collect the double points (in miles) part whilst also collecting the triple miles.  This is a stay that my wife had in Hong Kong showing how it works out.  If you’re wondering what the LRM 5K and the 2K offer see below.

Double Dip with Hilton Honors PromotionsYou can effeminately combine with the Conrad and Waldorf Astoria promotions which have been running since 2014 and still appear to be going:

3 New (Old) Hilton Honors 2016 Points Promotions

I’ve gained tens of thousands of extra miles through Conrad stays over the last couple of years.  This time around it has netted 9000 HHonors Points and 778 Miles!

How to Sign-up for the Promotion

Start earning both KrisFlyer miles and Hilton Honors points with every stay by following these simple steps:

  • Login to your Honors account here
  • Click “Edit Profile”.
  • Click “Edit Preferences”.
  • Choose “MyWay Earning Style”, and select “Points & Miles Earning Style”.
  • Click “Preferred Travel Partner”.
  • Select Singapore Airlines as your preferred travel partner, and enter your KrisFlyer account number.
    Save your changes.

You have to register prior to check out of your first stay to get this offer!  Use the link below to register:

Hilton Honors Q1/Q2 Promotion with Singapore Airlines – Up to Triple Miles

What do you choose Miles or Points?