Hilton Honors Diamond Status Match 2016 – Changes

There are some significant changes to the Hilton HHonors Diamond Status Match 2016 that has been pretty much ongoing since the beginning of the year.

Hilton HHonors Diamond Status MatchHilton HHonors Diamond is the top tier level for the Hilton HHonors programme and comes with a range of benefits including free breakfast and lounge access, full details can be found here:

Hilton HHonors Diamond Benefits

The status match that was previously provided is something that I took advantage of, but if you didn’t you’ll find that this new change really isn’t going to help you at all.

What are Status Matches?

A status match is where you can use your status from one hotel/airline/car rental program and “match” it with another programme giving you their equivalent status.

For example you could match IHG Platinum Elite to Hilton HHonors Diamond status using a status match.

Changes to the Hilton HHonors Diamond Status Match 2016

Hilton HHonors has changed its status match to make it much less attractive than previously available.  If you apply for a match now they will match, but you’ll only retain your benefits if you complete what is more commonly knowm as a status challenge.  So these are the new conditions:

Sign-up via this link:

Hilton HHonors Diamond Status Match 2016 – Sign up Link

The match will only apply for 90 days

To retain the status you need to complete the following (either Gold or Diamond) within the 90 days:

  • To keep Gold status you’ll need to complete at least 4 stays (don’t confuse this with nights!) in 90 days. 
  • To retain Diamond you’ll need to do 8 stays in 90 days too.

Considering that Hilton HHonors Diamond status usually requires you to complete 60 nights or 30 stays this offer is still very reasonable and if you have stays coming up it’s going to be the best opportunity and worthwhile obtaining.

Hilton HHonors Diamond isn’t as good as other hotel top tier benefits, in fact Hilton HHonors Gold status is probably the best mid-tier level around.

Remeber that any stays you have during the first 90 days you’ll get the elite benefits so even just for that period it might be worth a try if you are more familiar with other hotel programs.

Again you can sign up using the following link:

Hilton HHonors Diamond Status Match 2016 – Sign up Link

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