Happy SG50 From FlyStayTravel

I’ve called Singapore home for a while now and this is a proud day for the country celebrating its 50th Birthday, with this year being its the Golden Jubilee!


Many companies have got in on the act of promoting and supporting SG50, with some good and some bad promotions!  Singapore Airlines has of course been a great national icon and has been carrying the Singapore flag abroad since its formation in 1972.

For SG50 Singapore Airlines has put together a special livery, and a few different events including the open day, which I would have loved to see but unfortunately I was traveling in the US at the time.  Check out the livery with this video:

I’m not going to get a chance to see the Singapore Airlines A380 in person, but it’s very cool that they are doing a flyby – I just love these. The armed forces will also be putting on a big show this year.

Here’s one video from the previews:

Changi Airport has also been a massive attraction for flyers from around the world as a stopover location, focusing on routes like the “Kangaroo Route” from Europe to Australia.  They’ve put together this video about what people think about Singapore:

I also found this article by another frequent flyer site – View from the Wing’s Gary Leff posted this nice article up:

Happy 50th Birthday to Singapore: the Most Underrated Highly Rated Destination

But to everyone in Singapore (or abroad) celebrating SG50 have a fantastic day!

Feel free to share any videos you have via the comments below.