Buy Virgin America Elevate Points with an 80% Bonus – Good for Cheap Business Class

You can buy Virgin America Elevate Points with an 80% bonus until the 25th August which is their highest bonus ever an opportunity for some cheap business class fares.

Virgin America

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Using Virgin America Points with Partner Airlines

Obviously, Virgin America isn’t based in Asia and so you are going to be looking at partner redemptions.  Even so, this is a better deal as its partner redemptions have a more traditional fixed price system whereas using Elevate points on Virgin America is dependent on the ticket price.

Virgin America has the following partner airlines:

  • Singapore Airlines
  • Emirates
  • Virgin Atlantic
  • Virgin Australia
  • Hawaiian Airlines 

All partner redemptions need to be made through the Virgin America call centre and you can find availability for Partner Airlines before called by using the methods below:

Singapore Airlines: Virgin America uses the same award inventory as partner airlines on Singapore Airlines so I’d suggest you either check out how to search for award space using ANA or a tool like Award Nexus. 

Virgin Australia and Virgin Atlantic you can use their own websites to search for award space.

Emirates – the easiest option is to use Qantas either through the Qantas site or through Award Nexus

Buy Virgin America Elevate Points

You can purchase up to 20,000 points on Elevate each year, which will cost $1,040 USD (1400 SGD or RM4180) which is 5.2 cents per point.

The current promotion is offering a bonus of 80% which means that the cost per point goes down to 2.9 cents (USD) per point.  This is available until August 25th.  You can find the promotion below:

Buy Virgin America Elevate Points with an 80% Bonus

Routes available from Singapore

As Singapore Airlines is a partner so any Singapore Airlines operated flights will be available for booking.  This excludes any Silk Air, codeshare or other Star Alliance partner flights.  In addition to the Singapore Airlines flights, there are a number of Emirates flights available to Colombo, Dubai, Melbourne, and Brisbane.  Here are some of my picks for routes:

Singapore to Beijing Return in First Class

Singapore to Beijing

This is a one-way booking which is actually 60% of the miles required for a return ticket.  Note the very low taxes and fees which are a great bonus and you’d pay less than 1,040 USD for this one way in First.  The catch being that you can’t redeem in suites and in addition to that finding space for a partner booking on Singapore Airlines will be tricky.

The usual cost for this ticket would be around the 3,000 USD mark, so a good saving.

Singapore to Bali Return in Business Class for 2!

Wanting to make you next trip to Bali a little special, we another option is to purchase the miles for a return to Bali from Singapore.   With just this promotion you could get a return for two with just 26,000 points which would cost 754 USD.

Buying two returns would normally cost 2,390 USD through Singapore Airlines.

Singapore to DPS

Routes available from Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur has more limited routes than Singapore (as you might expect to consider Singapore Airlines is a partner).  So you only have a choice of Dubai, Melbourne (Emirates) and Singapore (Singapore Airlines).  The flight to Singapore really isn’t worth it but Dubai and Melbourne are more interesting options.  A return flight in business is 55000 points so if you are purchasing you’ll need to look at a one-way redemption and perhaps look at a different redemption for the second leg.  A one-Way works out as 33,000 points with taxes of $340 (USD) for Dubai and $280 for Melbourne.

Kuala Lumpur to Melbourne

Usual prices for these routes are around the 1,900 USD mark or RM 7700  for a return flight so this doesn’t really make sense to purchase the miles for this use at all.

Other Options

There are some good options available for those based in Australia domestically on Virgin Australia and also some options with Virgin Atlantic if you’re based in Europe.


As with all points purchases, I would really only do so during promotion periods and when you have a specific redemption in mind as with all airline programs the terms and conditions and in particular redemption rates can always change.  Even with that being said there are significant savings to be had if you can work out a good redemption.

If you are looking for the current promotion that can be found here:

Buy Virgin America Elevate Points with an 80% Bonus