Purchase Hyatt Points with a 40% Bonus – Good for Cheap Luxury Nights

You can Purchase Hyatt Points with a 40% bonus before the 9th August – an opportunity for a cheaper hotel night.  So you could do the same as me and get a cheap stay during the F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne Australia:

MELBO_P095This is the sixth in a set of guides on how to purchase miles and points to get yourself cheaper hotel nights or cheap premium flights.  This guide looks into cheap hotel nights at Hyatt properties.  You can check out our other guides using the links below:

Purchase Hyatt Points

You can purchase up to 55,000 World of Hyatt points per year either for yourself or gifted.    Purchasing the maximum 55,000 points will cost $1,320 USD which works out as 2.4 cents per point.

During the current promotion you can purchase with a bonus of us to 40% extra points – meaning that you’ll receive a bonus 22,000

So if you purchase the full 55,000 (+22,000) will therefore only cost 1.17 cents per point, a great discount and the highest they usually offer.

This promotion is available until the 9th August and the World of Hyatt points can be purchased using this link:

40% on World of Hyatt Points Purchase

Using the World of Hyatt Points for Cheap Hotel Nights

Redemption rates at Hyatt Properties range from Category 1 which cost 5,000 points per night to Category 7 which cost 30,000 per nights.  Unlike other hotel schemes there are no discounts for longer stays.

One of the best features of the scheme is that there are no blackout dates, so as long as you can purchase a standard room for cash then it’ll be available for points.

Hyatt Redemption

So the most expensive standard room will be 30,000 and they’ll be guaranteed award availability as long as a standard room can be booked with cash.

In some cases it can work out to be a great deal, especially at some of the pricey properties around the world.  At the high end category 6 and 7 redemptions under this 40% bonus promotion will cost you $425 and $510 per night.

If you compare those prices to some of the rack rates you can make a significant saving at some of the top end properties:

  • Park Hyatt Paris-Vendôme $862 (30K)
  • Grand Hyatt Tokyo $558 (25)
  • Hyatt Regency London – The Churchill $588 (25K)
  • Park Hyatt New York  – $833 (30K)

So on all of these properties you’d make a significant saving by purchasing the points instead of with cash.  I’d be interested to know what you do with your Hyatt Gold Passport points – let me know.

Personally I used the last Hyatt points purchase promotion to buy points for my recent stay at the Grand Hyatt in Melbourne during the Formula 1 Grand Prix – with nights at $625 per night I saved a lot of cash and stayed at a fantastic property.

I’ve also used them more recently for cash+points at the Hyatt Hong Kong whilst going for a conference – saving me a massive amount.

To purchase the World of Hyatt Points follow this link:

Purchase Hyatt Points with a 40% Bonus

Have you ever purchased Hyatt points for a Cheap Night?