100% Bonus on Hilton Honors Points Purchases Until 31st October

Hilton Honors have extended their promotion offering a bonus of 100% Bonus on points purchases.  This is available until October 31st.  In this case I look at how purchasing Hilton HHonors points can get you cheap hotel nights.

Swimming PoolCheck out these guides for more information on how to use those purchased points and miles wisely:

Purchasing Hilton Honors Points

You can purchase Hilton Honors points here for either yourself or as a gift to another Hilton Honors member. You are allowed to purchase up to 80,000 in a calendar year, which would be enough for over 16 nights at a category 1 hotel – but only just enough for a two night stay at many Conrad hotels or Waldorfs.

At the top end, you can purchase 80,000 points for 800 USD (or $S1,100 SGD/RM 3,100which means they cost $1 cent per point.

Current Hilton HHonors Purchase Promotion

In this promotion, you can get 100% Bonus on points purchased. If you purchase the full amount with the top 100% bonus you’ll get 160,000 Hilton Honors Points this will cost $800 USD ($S1,100 SGD or RM3,100).  This is available until October 21st.

This means the cost per point is 0.5 cents per point. This is the best Hilton Honors points purchase promotions.

You can purchase the Hilton HHonors points through this link, you’ll need to select buy points, login and then you should see the promotion.

100% Bonus on Hilton Honors Points Purchases

Where Purchasing Hilton Honors Points Make Sense

Generally I value Hilton Honors points at around the 0.5 cents per point (USD), which means that for this promotion is on par with the value.

You can get good value with both High and Low end hotels, for the high end comparison check out this article:

Is It Worth Buying Hilton HHonors Points for High End Hotels?

Lower category Hilton brand hotels might also get you some good value. Just to explain I’ve looked at a few properties:the Doubtree in KL and JB (Cat 2), and the two Hilton hotels in KL as well (I haven’t looked at the Singapore Hilton’s as I know they will be poor value due to the high points cost).   All rates are in USD.

DoubleTree Johore Bahru (Category 2)

Nonrefundable rate: 90
Award Stay: 10,000
Points and Money: 4000 + 31

Value for a full redemption: 0.9 cents per point
Points and Money: 1.4 cents per point

DoubleTree Kuala Lumpur (Category 2)

Nonrefundable rate: 100
Award Stay: 10,000
Points and Money: 4,000 + 34

Value for a full redemption: 1 cent per point
Points and Money: 1.65 cents per point

Hilton Petaling Jaya (Category 4)

Non refundable rate: 90
Award Stay: 10,000

Value for a full redemption: 0.9 cents per point

Hilton Kuala Lumpur (Category 5)

Nonrefundable rate: 125
Award Stay: 40,000
Points and Money: 16,000 + 56

Value for a full redemption: 0.31 cent per point
Points and Money: 0.34 cents per point

Category 1 and 2 Hotels

Generally it’s worth buying Hilton Honors points for redemptions at category 1 and 2 hotels as the points cost is so low (being 5,000-10,000).  As well as locations in Malaysia there are also some great hotels in Egypt, Oman, Turkey and China.

Combining with 5th Night Free

Hilton Honors offers a 5th night free for award redemptions if you are a Silver, Gold or Diamond member. So a 5 night stay at a category 2 hotel would only cost you 80,000 Hilton Honors points instead of 100,000. In the example of the DoubleTree in Kuala Lumpur that would push the value of the redemption from 1 cent per point to 1.25 cents per point.

At the moment you can request a status match to Hilton Honors Diamond see here as to how:

Hilton Honors Diamond Status Match

If the points were purchased at 0.5 cents per point as with this would represent good value for your purchase.

Gain you can purchase the Hilton Honors points through this link, you’ll need to select buy points, login and then you should see the promotion.

100% Bonus on Hilton HHonors Points Purchases

Have you purchased Hilton Honors Points for a Cheap Night?