American Airlines AAdvantage Miles Purchase – 1.89 Cents Per Mile

American Airlines is offering a miles purchase promotion with a 35% discount plus 15,000 bonus miles on the purchase of AAdvantage miles.

American Airlines

For reference here are the other guides that I’ve already written:

Current American Airlines AAdvantage Purchase Miles Promotion

This promotions is in line with the 35th Anniversary of the AAdvantage program, and there’s also another promotion ongoing offering 700 Free Miles for participation here:

700 Free American Airlines AAdvantage Miles

All of these guides work on the premise that there is a miles or points purchase promotion as generally purchasing at the usual rates doesn’t make sense.

The current promotion goes from now until the 1st June and members are eligible if they’ve had an account open for at least 30 days (so if you aren’t a member currently then you’re out of luck).

No matter how much you purchase you’ll get 35% but if you purchase 135-149K you’ll get 5,000 bonus and over 150K you’ll get 15K bonus in addition to the discount:

Purchased American Airlines MilesIf you purchase the full 150,000 with the 15,000 bonus that will set you back $3,122.02 USD, which equates to 1.89 cents per mile.

That’s actually one of the cheaper levels that American has sold miles at but isn’t such a great deal since the devaluation in March this year.

To purchase click the link below:

Cheap American Airlines AAdvantage Miles Purchase at 1.89 Cents

I wouldn’t advise purchasing these speculatively as the purchase amount is a lot even with the bonus.

Using American Airlines AAdvantage Miles for Cheap Business/First Class Flights

AAdvantage Miles can of course be using on American Airlines but in Asia the options are going to be quite limited.  The better options are on Oneworld and Partner Airlines, these include options like Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Qantas and Etihad.

This is the American Airlines Oneworld and Partner Award Chart for Asia region 2, which both Malaysia and Singapore are part of:

American Airlines Award ChartThe chart is one-way costs in Miles, and you’ll need to add-on the various taxes and fees for any flights that you may book.

First Class Options

Singapore or Malaysia to Europe on Malaysia Airlines, Cathay Pacific, British Airways or Etihad Airways for 90,000 Miles one-way. 

The effective cost for this is $1,701 USD + Taxes and fees based on 1.89 cents per mile.

Business Class Options

The business class options are more numerous and one of the best routes is within region 2 itself as region 2 also includes China and Sri Lanka and for 45,000 – $850 USD can get you a return fare.

The South Pacific also offers some great options including Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti all for $1,512 USD return, which is great value for some of those destinations.

Europe and North America are also decent options but not as good since the devaluation 150,000 Miles ($2,835) and 110,000 Miles ($2,646) respectively.

For other flight options check out the American Airlines charts here:

American Airlines AAdvantage Redemption Charts

You can purchase the miles here:

Cheap American Airlines AAdvantage Miles Purchase at 1.89 Cents

Finding Redemption Availability

Remember when buying miles that the program could be devalued at any time so you purchase may not be as valuable in the future.  In addition to that the big caveat with all of these redemption options is that you’ll need to be able to book award seats and partners never release as much space for others as their own airline.

For Oneworld check out the Qantas or BA search engines as they tend to perform reasonably well but can show phantom space for airlines like Cathay Pacific.

Other airlines like Etihad have their own search and you’ll need to find the cheapest business class redemptions as that’s what they’ll release to others.

Do you have any great American Airlines AAdvantage redemption stories to share?