Get Airport Lounge Access with Priority Pass

A common misconception is that you need to be a frequent flyer or be loyal to airlines to get lounge access in airports, it’s just not true you could get a Priority Pass card to get you in.  This review looks at what’s on offer and whether it is worth it or not.

Priority Pass

Why bother paying for lounge access?

Let’s tackle the most important question for, why bother paying for lounge access in the first place!  This is really a personal decision and you should decide on the merits for and against – but I’ll give you my thoughts.

There are several advantages of having lounge access:

  • Quiet Environment to rest or work in –  away from the airport
  • Provision of workspaces for email/internet access
  • Food and Drinks
  • Free Wifi access

If you are like me, I do enjoy getting a bit of peace and quiet when I travel, and to be able to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the airport is great.  I also like the ability to get some free food and drinks, especially seeing as the airport is going to usually be a lot more expensive for a meal that you would normally pay outside an airport.   Although things are changing and Wifi is becoming more common it’s still not available for free at every airport.

What does Priority Pass Lounge Access Cost?

Priority Pass offers three type of membership – Standard, Standard Plus and Prestige each with different benefits levels.

Standard Membership           – Annual Fee $99 US and $27 US per visit
Standard Plus Membership   – Annual Fee $249 US + 10 free visits – $27 US thereafter
Prestige Membership            – Annual Fee $399 US Unlimited Visits

All guest will be charged at $US 27 per visit – for more information on the memberships click here.

Which Lounges does Priority Pass grant you access to?

Priority pass gives you access to over 600 airport lounges worldwide, but for those based in Malaysia and Singapore here’s your list:

Singapore Changi

  • Terminal 1 – Rainforest Lounge, Skyview Lounge (I did a review on Skyview just the other day)
  • Terminal 2 – The Green Market, Ambassador Lounge
  • Terminal 3 – Ambassador Lounge, Dnata Lounge

Kuala Lumpur International:

  • LCCT – Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Satellite Building – Plaza Premium Lounge

Lounges are also available in these other airports in Malaysia – Senai International, Kota Kinabalu International, Kuching International, Langkawi International, Penang International, Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah.

Of course you will not usually get access to the airline lounges which are generally better (unless they use a 3rd party lounge).  You can find the full list of airport lounges on the priority pass website here.

Which Priority Pass Membership to Select?

The Standard membership is of the least value in my opinion, you are paying $99 US just to get access, you still have to pay for each visit.  If you only went once in the year you would pay $126 US just for the privilege!

For the Standard Plus Membership if you visited the lounge 6 times in a year then it’s already better value than the Standard Membership.  To make the most of this membership you would need to fly 10 flights/sectors per year.  The average cost per visit for 10 visits is just $25 US lower than the visit cost of $27 US and without the additional $99 US for the access.

In order for the Prestige membership to be of value you would need to visit the lounge 12 times before it is worth going for it over the Standard membership, so that’s a minimum of 12 flights/sectors per year.   However the Standard Plus Membership is better if you would only get 15 visits per year (249+135) – beyond that go for the Prestige Membership.

I’m also interested to know your thoughts on whether it is worth it, leave a comment below and let everyone know.


As you can see from these If you regularly fly low cost carriers like AirAsia/Tiger/Jetstar, or in economy without status then this may be a good option for you if you are looking to get lounge access.  Bear in mind that if you travel regularly as a couple you’ll have to buy two memberships as the guest fees would be charged if you only had one Priority Pass card!  I wouldn’t recommend this for families unless you really want get access.

Priority Pass is also available for “free” with a number of different credit cards as well – especially the higher end cards.  There are also other options such a Veloce or Lounge Club, which have similar arrangements with the 3rd party lounges.

If you are looking for more information on Priority Pass then check out their website here.