FlyStayTravel Singapore Points and Miles Meetup – 16th June

Just wanted to remind everyone of the Meetup that we have on next week, we’ve now confirmed the venue as Boulevard Restrobar at the Red Dot Traffic Building – so come along and join us!

Meetup We all had a great time last time around with some fantastic discussions on points and miles strategies. We chatted about everything from buying points, to whether you put travelling in First over travelling more often in Business class – generally just great discussion.

One of the big takeaways from last time round is that those that came along were really knowledgeable.  So whether you are just starting out or a seasoned points and miles collector they’ll be someone around to either help you get started or someone to help get those extra few miles or points.

Event Details and Sign-Up for the Meetup

This time round it’s a free event, and any food drinks that you want just pay your own way.  The venue is confirmed as Boulevard Restrobar in the Red Dot Traffic Building.

I’ve decided to manage this through Meetup as it’s a better platform for ongoing events, it’s super easy to use and I’ve provided the link to the event below – please RSVP as it’ll really help me organize:

FlyStayTravel Points and Miles Meetup – 16th June

Looking forward to seeing you there!

For the readers in Malaysia let me know if you’d like an event in Kuala Lumpur as I’d be happy to run one if there’s demand.