Flight Recording and Statistics to Enjoy

Can’t remember the fight you took? Or how you’ve flown? Do you just want to know which lounge you can go in next?

BA97 – Identify which lounge you can use on your next Flight

When I started to fly a bit more I was curious as to how much I’d flown and where to. Whilst browsing through “Flyertalk” I noticed a common signature on users profile was BA97 calendar.  After a bit of digging I found a thread called “BA97 Lounge Calendar Master Thread” which gave me a bit more information on what it was which I have horrible copied out below:

Its objective is to chart the flights of members, combine that information with their personal portfolio of elite frequent flyer cards and club memberships and give them information about which lounges they can use in airports, and which other calendar members may be transiting those airports at the same time. Ultimately it would be nice if members guest in those with lower status and share a drink and a chat, but this is by no means obligatory!

“Since its launch in September 2005, 1800+ users have logged some 110 million flown miles in the calendar”

The site does give details on lounges for you next flights:

Lounge Calendar

You can view the calendar and guest details here: http://ba97.com/calendar.asp

It also gives users the opportunity to find another user who is able to “guest” in another user even without status or even just to a better lounge, another little tip to make your travel more interesting.  If you are travelling alone then this could be a great way to pass the time.  Some Flyertalk (FT) members have stated that they will only guest people in they have met one of the FT events or someone who’s been a forum member for some time.

Flight Statistics

The site also has some other features which I was more interested in.  Firstly you can put in all of your flights, destinations, miles, airlines, alliances, and aircraft.  This then generates some stats that are interesting more than anything else (lets the geek in you come out!).

I looked at my overall stats first to find out that I’ve mostly flown with the Oneworld alliance – not a surprise as I do tend to stick with them due to my Silver status with British Airways.

Airline and Alliance Breakdown

This trend is more prominent when I look into the 2013 stats specifically where 81% of my flights were Oneworld, and add in soon to join Qatar (and my flights at the end of the year with them) then that adds up to over 85%.  I knew that I’ve actively been working to ensure my “work” flights were Oneworld but didn’t realise the difference it had made.

2013 Breakdown Sector

The 2012 data shows a bit more of a trend towards being less Oneworld focused, mostly because of a lack of choice when flying in region.

2012 Breakdown Sector

You can have a look at my flight calendar here:  http://ba97.com/report.asp?handle=addicted traveller

Flight Map – Where have you been?

The other interesting piece of information the site offers is a flight map, which again is quite revealing.  It shows that I have two types of trip intra-asia and then back to Europe.  I’ve only loaded the last two years of data otherwise my Europe map would be far denser on flights, may do this in the future. Flight Map

Although I have a record of my flights the aircraft I’ve flown is my next mission to identify!

It’s worth noting that there are other sites you can use for this type of activity such as Flightmemory or Flightdiary.  I haven’t used any of these so I can’t comment on the data or appearance.