Enrich Promotion with Travelling Connect – Win up to 5,000 Enrich Miles

Enrich is running a promotion to win up to 5,000 Miles between 1st February to 31st March 2014 with Travelling Connect.


I recently wrote a post on the Travelling Connect Service and I’m currently using it with Indosat in Bali, Indonesia. I even noticed a text when I arrived in country referring to the service:

photoHere’s the original post:

Earn Extra miles while Roaming with Travelling Connect

You’ll need to be one of the most 10 active members so this promotion probably suits those that travel heavily to the countries that Travelling Connect have partners with. You’ll need to register with Travelling Connect and select Enrich Miles as your preferred earning option.

Here’s the Travelling Connect Promotion page: Win up to 5,000 Enrich Miles with Travelling Connect

Although I haven’t seen the points post yet I’ve been informed they can take a while to arrive.