Earn or Pay with Hilton Honors Points for Priority Pass Membership

Hilton Honors and Priority Pass teamed up last year to offer a few little benefits for those who may want to purchase Priority Pass membership.  I recently posted on Priority Pass and the various benefits and drawbacks of the membership here.  The basic summary was that it is worth it if you flying regularly on the economy and especially low-cost and don’t have a credit card which offers lounge access then Priority Pass is the option for you – however, you need to identify the best membership plan (standard, standard plus or prestige) for you.

Priority Pass Hilton HHonors

Spending your Hilton Honors points by paying for your Priority Pass membership

You can now pay for you Priority Pass membership with Hilton HHonors points, but the conversion rate is not fantastic these are the prices:

  • 36,500 Honors Points = Standard Membership (99USD)
  • 101,500 Honors Points = Standard Plus Membership (249 USD)
  • 161,500 Honors Points = Prestige Membership (399USD)

Note that the standard membership is just access, you’ll need to pay 27 USD for each visit + guest, whereas the Standard Plus and Prestige membership offer better value for money if you are going to use it.  Guests will always be extra so please bear that in mind.

So the value isn’t great at 0.3cents (USD) per Honors point – you would be better off using your points for stays at Hilton properties.  If you are HHonors points rich and you want to dump or use them up this is probably a good option as it doesn’t involve a stay!  You can find more about this offer on the Hilton Website here or alternatively on Priority Pass here.

Earning Hilton Honors Points with Priority Pass

By far the more attractive offer is to earn Honors points with a new Priority Pass membership.  Again if you want more information as to whether you should by a Priority Pass Membership then I recommend my previous post on the membership here.  You can earn the following HHonors points with the three Priority Pass memberships:

  • 4,000 Honors Points = Standard Membership, enables members access, when needed, with a low annual fee and a cost-per-use fee
  • 6,500 Honors Points = Standard Plus Membership, allows members 10 lounge visits per year with an annual fee
  • 10,000 = Prestige Membership, provides members with unlimited access to lounges throughout year

To earn these points with your Priority Pass membership you’ll need to go through the Priority Pass/Hilton Honors offer page here and enter your Hilton Honors number at the bottom of the sign-up page.  Just to put in perspective you could stay at the Double Tree Kuala Lumpur for a night or indeed 2 nights at the Batang Ai Longhouse Resort Borneo for those 10,000 Honors points.


Personally, I wouldn’t purchase the Priority Pass membership using HHonors points because they are worth more than the value offered with this deal.  However, if I was buying Priority Pass membership then the extra Hilton HHonors points are a bonus – at no extra cost.  If you are not already an Honors member and are about to purchase a Priority Pass membership you might as well sign-up and get this promotion as Hilton Honors have properties offerings nights stays at 5,000 and 10,000 points respectively as well as Cash and Points options. Again if you are interested in the deal then here is the link.