Earn KrisFlyer Miles For Your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Purchase

The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were announced this week, with pre-orders already being taken and it got me thinking about how you could earn some Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles with the purchase.

Just wanted to update readers that purchases of the iPhone 6 through KrisFlyer Spree will now earn miles on the Apple Store – current 12KF/10USD promotion rate too.

Earn KrisFlyer Miles For Your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus Purchase

Earn With KrisFlyer Telecommunications Partner M1

Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer has M1 as a telecommunications partner where you can earn KrisFlyer miles for upfront spend and for spend on your ongoing bill.  M1 has its own loyalty scheme called SunPerks which you’ll earn at a rate of 1 for $S1.  These can then be converted to KrisFlyer miles at 1,700 SunPerks to 750 KrisFlyer Miles – or 0.44 KrisFlyer Miles per $S1.

M1 has announced the Price Plans for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus as follows:


What price you pay for your iPhone 6 will obviously be up to you and your preferences regarding upfront payment vs monthly payments vs data/voice/text plans.  If you took the iPhone 6 64GB model on a i-reg plan over the two years including the upfront payment you would earn 2249 SunPerks points.  This could then be converted into KrisFlyer Miles and would return just under 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles – anything above the usual monthly payment would add to this number (note you’ll need to transfer in lots of 1700 SunPerks).

Personally I wouldn’t let the number of KrisFlyer Miles be part of my purchase decision, but every little helps of course!

Unfortunately you can’t earn directly through Starhub or Singtel.  For more about earning KrisFlyer Miles with M1 or any of Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer partners click the link below:

Singpapore Airlines KrisFlyer M1 and other Earning Partners

Earn with the Apple Store through KrisFlyer Spree?

I actually wrote this article a few days ago and was getting ready to release it when KrisFlyer Spree changed the terms and conditions for Apple.  Purchases of the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will now earn KrisFlyer Miles at the rate of 12 KrisFlyer Miles per 10USD.
You can also earn through iTunes at a higher rate of 32 KrisFlyer Miles per 10USD or 2.5 Miles per 1 SGD.  It seems as though digital gift cards are eligible for earning KrisFlyer Miles through KrisFlyer Spree.

Spending on Your Credit Card

As always don’t forget that you can earn KrisFlyer Miles for your purchases through various credit cards available in Singapore (and elsewhere).  In particular there are a couple of cards that offer online purchase bonuses like the UOB Preferred Visa Platinum credit card.  In addition to that you could use the iPhone 6 purchases to help with a minimum spending requirement for a new credit card, all of the cards below have a sign-up offer:

American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Ascend Credit Card
American Express Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Gold Credit Card
American Express Singapore Airlines Solitaire PPS Credit Card
ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card
American Express Rewards Credit Card

Have you gone ahead and bought an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus?  Do you think it is worth it?  How did you get some KrisFlyer Miles for your purchase?