Earn KrisFlyer Miles for Laundry

I’ve traditionally done my dry cleaning at a regular corner shop style dry cleaners in Singapore.  But when I was looking through my monthly expenses it was one of the items that I realized I wasn’t getting miles for as that particular store only accepts cash so I wanted to change that and Earn KrisFlyer Miles for Laundry.

Earn KrisFlyer Miles for LaundryEarn KrisFlyer Miles for Laundry

So I decided to make a change to further boost my miles earnings and switch to a different provider.  But instead of going to a larger store that accepts cards I realized another way was going to be to switch to an online service provider that has a pickup and drop-off option – thus enabling me to get 4X miles per $S1 on my spend through online spend accelerator cards like the DBS Womans World MasterCard or the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Card

When I searched for online dry cleaning services in Singapore I ended up finding these 6:

  •  White Wash
  • Singapore Dry Cleaning
  • Just Relax
  • KnockKnock
  • SendHelper
  • HonestBee

I discounted the first three as they aren’t totally online and seem to just have a portal for their main stores.  HonestBee may already be familiar to you if you’ve used their grocery concierge service.  SendHelper you may recognize if you use their maids or cleaning services.  The final one KnockKnock which started out as a laundry service and has now branched into flower delivery and aircon services.

What’s the Cost of these services?

Prices for a shirt range from $5.90 for KnockKnock $4.90 for HonestBee and $3.90 for SendHelper.  You’ll have to include the service fees as well – for example the one that I tested with was HonestBee which charged $3.99 and called it a “Concierge Fee”.

I had a go with HonestBee and I was pleasantly surprised how easy the service was to use and everything including the dropoff and pickup were pretty efficient.

I know some people will be put off by that and I’ll certainly be bunching my dry cleaning to reduce that extra cost but if you do want to earn KrisFlyer Miles for Laundry then this might be the only easy way.  If you haven’t used these services before then I’ve got a couple of referral codes to get you started:

SendHelper code: sh015159

HonestBee Referral Link

Have you used these services before?  What did you think?