Earn Extra Miles While Roaming With Travelling Connect – New Promotions

I wanted to remind everyone of Travelling Connect, which is a great little Miles earning opportunity for those who use their phone abroad for calls – and its free of charge.

Earn extra miles while roaming with Travelling Connect 2Current Promotions with Travelling Connect

There are a couple of promtions for both Malaysia Airlines Enrich and Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer members.

For Malaysia Airlines Enrich members you can get 50 bonus miles if you’re one of the first 750 to register between now and the 31st May.  You can find the promotion here:

Malaysia Airlines Travelling Connect Promotion

For Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer members there’s 2,500 bonus miles up for grabs if you are the heaviest user, this has been going since the beginning of April but ends at the end of May.  You can check out that promotion as well as the other KrisFlyer promotions here:

Singapore Airlines Travelling Connect Promotion

Miles and Points Earning Partners for Travelling Connect (Including KrisFlyer and Enrich)

It’s extremely simple to use and only takes a few minutes to setup. All you have to do is to register your mobile number and you can then just forget about it.

Travelling Connect has a great range of miles earning partners including Singapore Ailrein KrisFlyer and Enrich, as well as loads of other airlines and hotels.  Here’s the full list of potential options:

Earn Miles with Travelling ConnectWhat you’ll earn will depend on the country and the earning partner you have selected, I’ve included the links for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer and Malaysia Airlines Enrich below:

Earning KrisFlyer Miles with Travelling Connect

Earning Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles with Travelling Connect

I actually earn with Hilton HHonors, and the points have been regularly posting even without me paying attention to the service.

Signing Up for Travelling Connect

Here’s what you need to do to sign up, it’s really and I completed it myself just a little while back.

(1) Go to Travelling Connect and then click on your preferred earning programme e.g. KrisFlyer

(2) Complete the form, including your name, email, the phone numbers you want added, and most importantly the loyalty programme you want to earn on.

(3) You’ll now start earning if you connect using one of their Network Partners

Since I originally wrote this article over a year ago Travelling Connect has had some partner networks come and go but here’s the list as of writing, the majority are in Middle East and Asia.

  • Middle East and Asia –  Bahrain, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Maldives, South Korea,  Thailand,  Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Vietnam
  • Africa – Algeria, Nigeria, Seychelles, Sudan
  • Europe – Armenia, Montenegro,  Turkey
  • Oceania – Fiji, Nauru, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu

Asia Partner Networks Travelling Connect

Earning Strategies for Travelling Connect

Many mobile networks will have special roaming rates with specific partners, and your mobile will usually automatically select them when your travel abroad, so the trick is not to make this service tempt you away from your usual habits.  So you have two choices, either just sign-up and forget about the service and you’ll earn when the network partners happen to be the same.

Alternatively you can manually select the earning partner of Travelling Connect – however I would only do this when you have a “Any Network” rate, or where there are no roaming partners with your home country mobile network.

The last important point is that the earning rates vary per network partner so for example if I connect to Vodafone in India I would earn 2 points/min of calls – whereas in Indonesia I would earn 10 points/min of calls with Indosat (on Hilton HHonors).

You are allow to add up to three numbers to the service so if you have a home and a work phone then just add them both!

Extra Benefit of Travelling Connect

For some of the earning partners the miles earned through travelling connect could be used to stop your miles expiring as they will count towards earning miles – one example might be British Airways Avios.


You’re probably never going to earn a fortune with the service but for a few minutes effort and next to no ongoing maintenance you might as well.

Have you earned any miles through the service?