Earn 4 Miles Per $S1 – UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Credit Card Review

You can earn up to 4 miles per $S1 with the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Credit Card, but it’s not as easy as it sounds, here is our review.

UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Credit Card Review

About the UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Credit Card

The UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Credit Card is issued by UOB in Singapore and is one of a range of cards that UOB has for keen miles earners.

As with other UOB cards miles are earned through UNI$ which can be converted into Asia Miles and more importantly Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles.

Sign-Up Bonus

I’ve never seen a sign-up bonus for this card and as you might expect there isn’t one now.  The UOB PRVI cards occasionally have bonus as do other cards for the latest check out this monthly update:

Best Credit Card Sign-Up Promotions for Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles

Other Benefits

This card comes with a low income requirement of $S30,000 and so doesn’t come with any significant other benefits.

What is the Annual Fee?

The card comes with a first year waiver on the fee which is normally S$192.60.  I’ve managed to waive the fee after the first year – an be careful because they tend to charge the fee in UNI$ at an awful rate.

Bonus for Renewal?

This card has no bonuses for renewal, and as I stated above be careful if UOB take a chunk of your hard earned UNI$ in annual fees.

There are quite a few cards on the market in Singapore that come with benefits for renewals, and we’ve covered them here:

Buy KrisFlyer Miles Cheaply With Credit Card Renewals in Singapore

What Do You Earn per $1? The Catch with the UOB PPV Credit Card!

The main benefit of this card is the potential for a very high earning rate:

  • 4 Miles on online shopping and entertainment
  • 4 Miles on Visa payWave
  • 0.4 Miles on everything else and exclusions from above categories.

Unfortunately this card isn’t straightforward and it has a lot of exclusions from the 4 miles per $S1 categories.  You can read here for the official definitions for categories by UOB:

Exclusions from the 4 Miles per $S1 categories

However UOB seems to set its own rules at times and I recommend you use these two community resources.  The first is a crowd-sourced effort by Icpteck – which not only includes the Preferred Platinum Visa card but also others, and if you have updates then add them in for everyone!

Singapore Credit Card Reference Table

The second a new resource by Wysie, which is just for identifying whether they are a valid Paywave merchant:

UOB SMART$ Merchants

Finally note that they also cap the earnings at UNI$ 24,000 for both categories per calendar year.

What is a Point Worth?

Any Miles and in particular Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles can vary widely in value.  So if you are looking at this particular card versus a credit card that offers cashback then you should have a look through these articles to help inform you decision:


  • Sign Up Bonus – 0/10
  • Ongoing Spend – 6/10

There is no sign-up bonus or other benefits so you are literally just getting this card for its ongoing spend, so it gets a big fat 0/10.

I’ve given the card a 6/10 for its ongoing spend as 4 Miles per $S1 is high.  I’d give it a higher score if there weren’t so many exclusions.  UOB has also slowly been slimming down the list of merchants that can earn 4 miles too.

If you are looking for an easier run for earning miles in physical stores then I’d opt for the  ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card which will only get you 1.4 per $S1 but at least it’s simple. There’s also an unlimited lounge access program too.

For online spend go for the DBS Woman’s World Mastercard no limitations on the spend except for a cap of $S2,000 per month. A man can have this card too – I have one!

I have this card as I manage to waive the fee and it helps to maximize the miles in-conjunction with with the DBS woman’s card.

Here is the link to the UOB website for more information:

Earn 4 Miles Per $S1 – UOB Preferred Platinum Visa Credit Card

Here are some other useful links on the site for those looking at Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Earning credit cards:

Got any card suggestions or updates then let us know!