Donate Your KrisFlyer Miles to Charity

As part of their 70th Anniversary celebrations Singapore Airlines has opened up the option to Donate Your KrisFlyer Miles to Charity – Make a Wish. Make a Wish is a charity that’s Mission is to:  Grant the wishes of children with life-threatening medical conditions to enrich the human experience with hope, strength and joy.

Donate Your KrisFlyer Miles to Charity

What Are They Worth If You Donate Your KrisFlyer Miles to Charity?

I can’t answer this of course, as it’s impossible to put a value of the experience that these kids will get as a result of being able to travel and do something they probably wouldn’t have been able to do without the donation of KrisFlyer Miles. You can find out more about Make a Wish here:

Make a Wish Charity

It’s not clear how Make a Wish redeems these miles but I suspect they’ll be using a version of the cash and miles scheme “Pay With KrisFlyer Miles” so that they can for the whole fare with KrisFlyer Miles. If this is the case this would mean that your donate KrisFlyer Miles would be worth 1 cent (SGD) per mile.

Even if you’re not interested in donating to Make a Wish I do think there is definitely a use when you have a small amount of miles expiring – at least they would be used for a good cause if nothing else.

There are some things to consider when donating. Firstly Singapore Airlines have removed the expiry for the miles that you donate will stay valid not matter how long Make a Wish take to redeem them.  Donations that you make won’t be eligible for tax relief here in Singapore unlike cash donations.

It’s also not clear if the ability to donate will continue past 2017 as the material implies that it’s just for this year – I hope it continues.

How to Donate Your KrisFlyer Miles to the Make A Wish Charity

To donate your miles it’s pretty simple just click the link through on this page:

Donate Your KrisFlyer Miles

You can donate anything from 1,000 KrisFlyer Miles and upwards, if you do any more than 100,000 you’ll need to split out your transactions and limit to 100,000 each.

Are you going to donate your KrisFlyer Miles to Make a Wish?