New – 8,000 KrisFlyer Miles for the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card

DBS has launched a more generous offer for their Visa Signature Credit Card, this time for 8,000 Miles, and this time they haven’t restricted the number of applicants that can receive that number.

DBS Altitude Visa Signautre Credit Card Review

About the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card

The DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card is issued by DBS in Singapore and is a Visa branded card, it rewards you with DBS points. This card is issued in Singapore, and Air Asia Big, Asia Miles and KrisFlyer members can earn through this card via a transfer.

The Card can be found on the DBS Site via the link below:

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card

Sign-Up Bonus

The DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card is currently offering a sign-up bonus of 8,000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles until the 31st March 2016.  The spending requirement is $500 for the first two months of having the card (so $1,000 total but not cumulative).

So if you got the card of 1st February then you’d need to spend $500 in February and $500 in March to receive the 8,000 Miles bonus.

The are also offering a 3,000 Miles bonus on their American Express (AMEX) version:

3,000 Miles Bonus for DBS Altitude American Express Credit Card

Other Benefits

You get two additional benefits: 2x Priority Pass lounge access passes per year and travel insurance.  DBS also have an extensive array of offers available too.

What is the Annual Fee?

Principal Card: S$ 192.60 p.a. (waived for the first year)

Supplementary Card: S$ 96.30 p.a. (waived for the first year).

Bonus for Renewal?

Upon renewal of annual membership you will receive 5,000 DBS Points (10,000 KrisFlyer Miles), at a cost of S$192.60 (or 1.92 cents per Mile). This is one of the best annual renewal offers and is a very cheap way of buying KrisFlyer Miles.  Check out all of the renewal bonuses in the link below:

Buy KrisFlyer Miles Cheaply With Credit Card Renewals in Singapore

What Do You Earn per $1?

The DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card has a pretty simple earning structure:

  • Local spend: S$1 = 0.6 DBS Points
  • Overseas spend: S$1 = 1 DBS Point
  • Online Flight and Hotel transactions: S$1 = 1.5 DBS Points

What are DBS Points Worth?

The points earned on the DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card are earned in DBS Points which are effectively another currency. These can be exchanged into three different frequent flyer programs: KrisFlyer, Asia Miles and Air Asia Big.  For KrisFlyer Members these are the effective earning rates based on a conversion ratio of 2 to 1:

  • Local spend: S$1 = 1.2 KrisFlyer Miles
  • Overseas spend: S$1 = 2 KrisFlyer Miles
  • Online Flight and Hotel transactions: S$1 = 3 DBS Points

The points don’t expire but there is an enrollment fee into the DBS Frequent Flyer programme of S$42.80.

How Does this Compare?

If you are a KrisFlyer member then there are a few other cards around with a better sign-up bonus including the majority of Singapore Airlines American Express branded cards, and better ongoing earning opportunities.


  • Sign Up Bonus – 9/10
  • Ongoing Spend – 5/10

I’ve given the sign-up bonus 8 out of 10 mainly because of the low spend requirement for the 8,000 KrisFlyer Miles.  The additional benefits for the card are pretty minimal though.  One redeeming feature is the annual retention bonus of 10,000 KrisFlyer miles which is a great deal if you are looking to pay for KrisFlyer miles and the main reason why I would keep the card.

For ongoing spend the card is average you can do better with others like the ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card which also has some great lounge benefits.  Again though you might want to apply and keep this in your wallet for a number of reasons; DBS do have a wide range of promotions, as well as the retention bonus.

Here is the link to the DBS website for more information:

DBS Altitude Visa Signature Credit Card

Here are some other useful links on the site for those looking at Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Earning credit cards:

Got any card suggestions or updates then let us know!