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Please get in touch with me, I can be found on twitter and Facebook via the following links on the sidebar.

Alternatively you can contact me at theaddictedtraveller@flystaytravel.com


I’m interested in those that may want to write a guest post on their travels – destinations, hotels, flights, airports and experiences.  I’m also interested in opinions on travel, what you like, don’t like or views on how things could be done differently.  If you think that you’ve got a good post then let me know.  If you already write a blog then get in touch as well as we may be able to link up. Please email at theaddictedtraveller@flystaytravel.com.


For anything commercial such as launch events, conferences, or speaking opportunities please contact me at theaddictedtraveller@flystaytravel.com

For affiliate, advertising, advertorials please contact me at theaddictedtraveller@flystaytravel.com

For any product or service review such as hotels, airports, flights, flight experience, the please contact me at theaddictedtraveller@flystaytravel.com

Website Funding

The website requires a certain amount of funding to pay for design and server costs, in order to pay for those the site is funded in the following ways:

Google Adsense

The majority of funding comes from the adverts that are displayed on the sidebar and header, these are provided by Google Adsense.  Adsense does track some of your page viewing habits, if you wish to know more then please check out the privacy statement here:

Privacy Policy

Affiliate Networks

Many of the posts on the website are for specific offers and deals with airlines, hotels, and travel sites.  I will from time to time provide links to the relevant site for which I receive a commission upon, this will not affect the price that you pay.

I also receive a small commission on purchases at Amazon through this link: Amazon Home


Another area that I fund the website is through referrals.  I can provide these for the following:

  • Topcashback
  • Quidco
  • American Express (UK)

Content Relationships

Unless otherwise expressly stated none of the content on the website has been endorsed by or previously reviewed by the commercial entities featured.