Conrad Centennial Singapore Trip Report

Stayed at the Conrad Centennial for the second time this year but upgraded to a suite this time around, which is something that we’ve not done frequently.  We really enjoyed the stay and would recommend to those thinking of booking in the future, and we’ve taken a bit of time to give you some feedback.


We originally went to check-in at the front desk in the lobby but were then taken up to the 31st floor where the executive lounge is located.  We were quickly offered a drink including champagne.  The check-in was prompt and we even had a personal welcome from Vanessa one of the managers.  Once all the relevant details had been exchanged we were then escorted to our room.

One of the nice touches was that she took the time to take us through the room features including the air-con, amenities etc.   A service that I don’t see frequently at a hotel.

The Centennial Suite

We stayed in the Centennial suite   Which was located on the 16th floor, at the end of the corridor and away from the lift.  The view wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen:

DSC02051 DSC02048 DSC02047


Living Room

As this was a suite it had a living room which was definitely our favorite feature of the whole stay.  It was well equipped with a desk area, sofa and chairs, large screen TV, DVD player, FM radio.

DSC02044 DSC02037 DSC02036


The TV had the usual subscriptions, but also included HBO which was a nice feature to be able to enjoy a film during the evening – you could of course dive into the minibar too!  Especially on a rainy day, common in Singapore at this time of year.



In addition to those features the room was decorated with a number of nice touches including a sculpture, flowers (fake) and the obligatory Conrad Bear and Duck (OK I may have moved them for the purpose of the picture!).

DSC02063 DSC02045


The living room also came with a decent coffee machine, which was very simple to operate, as well as some complementary chocolates and fruit which were refreshed daily.





The bedroom had the usual Conrad King sized bed which is nice and high off the floor. The pillows were huge to say the least but very comfy.  If you weren’t happy with the pillows as per the Conrad in Bangkok trip report there was a pillow menu.

DSC02052 DSC02042DSC02053


If I were being picky I would say that the window blinds were a little difficult to close, and might be difficult for someone less able.  You could also still hear a little of the road noise from outside but at night it didn’t bother me nor my partner.

The Bedroom had the usual facilities of wardrobe, drawers, bathrobe, slippers and hairdryer, but there were some other good features including a safe and a valet.  The safe however did not fit my standard sized laptop so if you have a laptop with a screen over 16 inches think of alternative arrangement for safekeeping.

DSC02043 DSC02070



The bathroom had a separate bath, shower and toilet, and it was pretty spacious.  It came with a good set of amenities including shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, shaving kit, emery board, cotton pads, shower cap, toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash and bodywash.




We did use the pool, fitness centre and spa but not some of the other services.  For instance we didn’t use the laundry, shoe cleaning, butler or any of the onsite restaurants on this occasion.  Both my partner and I have been to the Conrad Centennial and used the other restaurants and we’d recommend Oscar’s, Golden Peony and the Lobby Lounge (my favorite as they provide a small muffin with your coffee!).  Note that the outside of the Lobby Lounge was having some renovation work being done but it didn’t disturb our stay.


The pool was great to enjoy during our stay, and certainly to my liking it wasn’t trying be fancy with curves – so it was great for doing laps.  As per most hotel pools it was suitable for children (and many were using it), but be advised there were no lifeguards.   There were plenty of sun loungers, all with towels, but I could imagine how this would get busy during a weekday.  The pool also has a waterside bar with some great staff, all were very helpful.

IMG_1365 DSC02068 DSC02066 DSC02067 DSC02065


The pool was right next to the fitness centre and spa as well as one of the restaurants. Lockers were available to use if you so needed and were only a few meters away from the pool – good if you are a solo traveller and want a swim.  There also some loungers under shaded areas to provide for those that don’t want to be in the direct sunlight.


The lounge is located on the 31st floor and had some decent views of the bay area, but not as good as some of the closer bay hotels such as Marina Bay Sands or the Marina Mandarin.

The staff were very attentive during our visits to the lounge, asking what we would like whether it be orange juice, tea, coffee or champagne.

The lounge itself did get quite busy at times, and there are some seats/tables that aren’t in the best of spots so we’d advise going a little early to make your you get the best views.  We did on a couple of occasions wait for tables to be cleared as the other options were not great (the staff did so quickly and promptly).

Breakfast at the lounge

On check-in we were told that we could either have breakfast in the lounge or down on the 4th floor in Oscars.  There are some pros and cons to this, the lounge is a nice and quiet atmosphere and is relaxing throughout the day, but its selection is just limited to what is at the buffet area.  We tried on a previous stay to get an omelet for breakfast and were told that there was a 30minute wait for the cooks to make it and to bring it up, which is surprising considering the time it would usually take to make one.  So we were advised at check-in this time around to order prior to going up to the lounge, and on the first occasion it still seemed to take 30minutes for it to arrive even when we had pre-ordered (we were told later this was due to the first one getting cold requiring a second to be made).  To our surprise on the second morning the staff came along with an omelet even though we hadn’t ordered one!  The moral of the story here is that if you want a buffet only meal then go to the lounge, otherwise we’d suggest taking up the option of the 4th floor.

IMG_1354 IMG_1353 IMG_1352 IMG_1349 IMG_1348 IMG_1347


Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea was what you would expect, which the usual options of cakes and light nibbles.  I was a little surprised that champagne was being served seemingly throughout the day which was a plus point, usually in the lounges it’s just for the couple of hours in the evening.  So if you wanted some champagne with your cheesecake (as I did!), then you could go ahead.



Evening Cocktails

We didn’t have too much of the food available but there was some nice and tasty spicy tandoori chicken, a good selection of cheeses and fish whilst we were there.  We mostly had a small bite, drinks and then went to try out some food from around the area as there are some good areas just around and the usual spots like Clarke Quay are not far, albeit by taxi.  Or you could try out one of the bars down at the Esplanade including this one with an interesting covering:



Fitness Centre

The Conrad has a good fitness centre with a range of machines and a decent amount of space.  The equipment had the usual media included e.g. TV, Radio etc.  There was a selection of bikes, treadmills, rowing machines, cross-trainers and weights.  There were even hoops and swiss balls to use.  The staff at the fitness centre were very welcoming and offered if I needed any assistance with the equipment.  Included in the facilities as mentioned is a locker area, but also a changing room so if you wished you could change there instead of your room, useful if you want to go after checking out.

IMG_1369 IMG_1368 IMG_1367


In the fitness centre itself bottled water and interestingly grape fruit juice were available as well as the customary towels.



As you can see when I was in there for a short workout there was practically no-one else, but there were warning signs mentioning peak times and that use of equipment should be limited to 20mins.  I suspect this was due to the business traffic the hotel would usually have during the week days.

If the gym was busy the Conrad has the answer in its running map.  I was curious and looking around the room in the hotel to find a map of the local area in the office drawer. This has several 3-4km routes that you could do around the area including a run around Marina Bay itself.


It’s not often you get treated to a spa and I could not resist the offer. The Centennial Spa is located by the pool area and net to the gym. I had made an appointment for the Intensive Collagen Facial and was all ready for it. Interestingly, the person at the counter was meant to receive guests who were heading to both the gym and the spa. I was a little surprised to have a guy asking me what treatment I had made an appointment for. Thank god it was just a facial 🙂 so I was then ushered in by a lady in a kimono like uniform and given a change of clothes. The facial room was small but cosy. There was a little corner to place your stuff and overall it was clean, well kept and organized. Light music was being played in e background as well. When the facial started I could not help but think it seemed a little similar to the Jurlique Spa. Of course the beauty products used must be different though. The lady who had ushered me in was the same lady who did the facial. She was very gentle and explained what she was doing and using at each stage. I would not say the massage was fantastic but overall it was a good facial. After the facial you are given a shoulder and back massage. Oh , and some jasmine tea was served as well 🙂 I am glad the experience at the spa was good – might try other treatments next round – by Travellete 🙂

General Feedback

We really enjoyed the stay and will probably make a visit back sometime in the future.  The hotel itself has a wide range of facilities and as you’d expect from the brand all seem to be very good.  The staff were very pleasant and helpful.  If you do stay let us know how you got on and if you are looking at other Conads in the region then have a look at the Conrad Bangkok Trip Report.


We were able to get a late-checkout (4pm) and went up around 3.30 to do so.  The staff were efficient and had included the various extras that we’d spent during the stay.  We were also able to use the lounge for a couple of hours after we had checked out which was a bonus and enjoy a little bit more champagne.