Conrad Bangkok Trip Report

Guest Post by Travelette…..

It has been a number of times by now that I have stayed in The Conrad Hotel – be it The Conrad Centennial Singapore, Conrad Hong Kong or Conrad Bangkok. I feel it is about time that I shared more about the hotel for the benefit of those who may not have had the experience as yet.

Of the above mentioned three locations, I have stayed the most number of times at The Conrad Bangkok. Renowned for being a 5 star hotel offering luxury to its guests, The Conrad is also often located within close proximity to the financial areas and serves as a corporate hotel for many of its guests on business trips.

I was on a personal trip to Bangkok this October and had yet another privilege of staying in the hotel. I was greeted by the doormen who were really friendly and one of them even remembered me from my previous trips. He gladly insisted on taking my luggage, albeit just one, and even shared momentarily his recent visit to Singapore and how he had had a fabulous time. The staff at the reception counter were amazing – that in itself, is an understatement. I was greeted by the Hotel Manger as well who had happened to be at the Reception area and he took it upon himself to take care of my itinerary for the next day including the transportation, and throwing in some ideas of what to do over the weekend and where we could go. It was indeed a very nice welcome. In addition, I was also given an upgrade to a bigger room than the one I had booked.

The room was located on the 23rd floor and as mentioned, it was indeed a big room. It was very spacious and had a mini walkway leading in to the room. There was a separate area that housed the equipment such as the ironing board, the umbrellas, the additional pillows and slippers. It also had a mini corner within the area to place the luggage.

There was also a study area. The washroom was spacious as well, with a bath as well as a separate shower area.