Companion Travel Award Redemptions on Malaysia Airlines

Companion travel awards on Malaysia Airlines Enrich have changed since the February 2015 devaluation so I’ve updated this article on the redemption option to reflect the new rates.

Companion Travel Award Redemptions on Malaysia Airlines

What is a Companion Travel Award Redemption on Malaysia Airlines Enrich?

This is a service that I have to say that I have not used previously but it’s definitely worth having a look into as a redemption option, especially if you have a family.

  • Companion award tickets can be purchased with miles when a fully flexible business class or first class ticket is purchased with cash.
  • These can only be purchased through the Malaysia Airlines Enrich call centres, and are only available for Enrich members.
  • Companion travel awards are only available for tickets on the same itinerary.
  • Companion Travel award redemptions are not available for economy class tickets

Malaysia Airlines doesn’t provide any concise information on companion travel awards but you can check out the terms and conditions using the link below:

Malaysia Airlines Enrich Terms and Conditions

Enrich Miles Requirements for a Companion Travel Award Redemption

Companion award redemptions are priced lower than straight redemptions at between 60 or 80% of the usual cost.  However when the 15% discount on the straight redemptions is taken into account they are only 5-25% cheaper.

Remember that for the companion travel award redemptions the revenue ticket will earn its usual amount of Enrich miles.   The Award chart for redemptions using Enrich Miles can be found here:

Companion Travel Award Chart for Malaysia Airlines

What’s the Value of a Companion Travel Award Redemption?

For this I looked at 3 different redemption options from Kuala Lumpur to London, Sydney and Bangkok.

Kuala Lumpur to London Return (Business and First)

Flight Cost = 15,000; 34,000
Miles Cost = 120,00 ; 312,000
Tax Cost = 2,388 ; 2,414

Value Business = 10.5 Sen Per Mile
Value First = 10.1 Sen Per Mile

Earned Miles: 19,650 or 26,200

Kuala Lumpur to Sydney Return

Flight Cost = 9,000

Miles Cost = 88,000

Tax Cost = 1,237

Value = 8.8 Sen Per Mile

Earned Miles: 12,360

Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok Return

Flight Cost = 1,844

Miles Cost = 40,000

Tax Cost = 596

Value = 3.1 Sen Per Mile

Earned Miles: 2,229

As with straight redemptions long-haul flights have better value than short-haul flights.  In addition to that the value is almost identical to the straight redemptions for business and first class tickets.  However as the revenue ticket earns miles this could be a good way to stretch out your Malaysia Airlines Enrich Miles.

For families this may have the additional benefit of redeeming for children with the adults on fare tickets thus making earning and redeeming easier.

To book one of these tickets with Enrich miles or to find out the miles required click the link below:

Redeem for a Companion Travel Award

Have you used a Companion Travel Award Ticket before?  Anything I’ve missed?