Changi Rewards Adds New Partners – More Options to Convert to KrisFlyer Miles

It was a long time ago that I posted about Changi Rewards, in fact it was when it was first launched.  Changi has slowly been adding new partners, which now allow more options to convert points to KrisFlyer miles.

Membership-Perspective-editedOkay, before I get into the meat of the article it’s worth pointing out that in order to be able to convert to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles you’ll need to be a Gold Changi Rewards member which means you have to spend $S4,000 in a programme year.

If you’re not currently a member you’ll get 100 Changi Rewards points to start you off via our referral:

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Changi Rewards Earning Partners

Changi Rewards members can earn points through the following partners:

  • Airport Shopping
  • iShopChangi
  • Agoda
  • Expedia

There are quite a few restrictions on earning via Airport Shopping and there are also different earning rates depending on what tier level you are.

The main advantage I can see is that you can pick up some rebate or KrisFlyer Miles for spend at the airport and and Expedia are not KrisFlyer partners.  Expedia is however running a generous promotion offering 6 Miles per $S1 with Citibank. is the obvious addition and you’ll actually earn more miles through Agoda via Changi Rewards if you’re a Gold or Platinum member.   This is because KrisFlyer gives you effectively 1 KF mile per 1 SGD, Changi rewards offers 2 Points per $S1 SGD which would convert to 1.3 KF Miles – Platinum members earn more (note that earning through Agoda ends in February).

For more details on Changi Rewards check out the site here, and if you want to get started here’s our referral:

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There are other options to use spend Changi Rewards which may be better for you and for the math’s on conversion– check out this article for details

Convert Changi Rewards Points to Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles – Is it Worth It?

Do you use the Changi Rewards Program?  What do you think?