British Airways Lounge Singapore Review

I’ve finally got around to posting this very long and overdue British Airways Lounge Singapore Review.  Its been open for a long time since I first went in and I’m keen to see what people think of it now. – please leave some comments below.

British Airways Lounge

Entrance way

Introduction to the British Airways Lounge Singapore – Terminal 1 Changi Airport

British Airways refurbished its Galleries lounge nearly 2 years ago and it’s a vast improvement on their previous option.  The history behind this is that Qantas and British Airways used to have two shared lounges – A First Class and a Business Class.  When the Joint Venture ended they split into two separately operated lounges with BA getting the old First Class lounge.  Qantas quickly refurbished their lounge but it took BA almost 3 years to do theirs.

I was originally going to check out the new British Airways lounge when I was departing on a Qatar Airways flight, but realized my Qatar Flight was a morning flight so I wasn’t able to as all of the BA flights operate in the evening the lounge only opens 3pm to 11pm.  But when my Cathay Pacific flight got delayed I was able to have a look around.  Opening hours tend to change so I suggest you check the Oneworld site for the most up to date timings:

British Airways Lounge Singapore Opening Times

Access is as per the usual British Airways and Oneworld rules:

Broadly those flying with Qantas, Finnair, Cathay Pacific and JAL will get easy access as they all fly from Terminal 1, if you’re flying with Malaysia Airlines you’ll be in Terminal 2 unfortunately.

The lounge location hasn’t changed and is located above the main shopping area, up the escalator just near the Qantas lounge.

Entrance was easy as I was practically the first in the lounge.  The staff took my Cathay Pacific boarding pass and let me in, they didn’t say anything about the new Concorde Bar or the rest of the lounge.

Seating and Comfort

The lounge feels sleek and much bigger than the previous version.  It has some familiar features including the armchairs and the signature Galleries lounge lighting – which if you’ve been to British Airways lounges in Heathrow you’ll recognise.
British Airways Lounge Singapore Review (Changi Airport) Armchairs British Airways Lounge Singapore Review (Changi Airport) Decoration There’s a range of seating available, you could try the usual armchairs, a swish set of lounge chairs, dining seating arrangement as well as bar stools.  I actually liked the dining seating, and I can imagine these would be really nice as a group.  Pretty much every seat seemed to have a power socket – which is a must for the avid traveler these days.
British Airways Lounge Singapore Review (Changi Airport) Dining British Airways Lounge Singapore Review (Changi Airport) Dining 3British Airways Lounge Singapore Review (Changi Airport) Dining 2The dining area also features some bar stools and longer high tables for those that want a more casual experience.  You’ll see that there is plenty of space in the lounge.

British Airways Lounge Singapore Review (Changi Airport) Bar 3 British Airways Lounge Singapore Review (Changi Airport) Bar 2Food and Drink

The food available in the lounge when I was in their mid afternoon was just cold snacks (nuts, crisps, cookies), sandwiches, cold meat, salad, fruits and a few cakes – I suspect that they were still preparing the hot food as I entered as they opened.

I know since visiting that they do serve hot food like pasta and satay etc.  But when you compare this to what is available in the Qantas lounge around the corner which has live cooking and a good variety of hot food, better salad options, and decent desserts options I don’t think I’ll spend too much time eating in the BA lounge in the future.

BA provides a good selection of wines and spirits and there is everything at the bar area that you could need to make a nice drink.  Again I prefer the Qantas lounge which actually has a real bar with some great staff!  Sparkling wine is available to guests in the lounge but you’ll have to ask one of the members of staff.  When I asked for a glass the staff seemed confused with the request but they did eventually manage.

Amenities and Entertainment

In terms of entertainment the lounge has Wifi using the usual city codes, I didn’t try it out but I’ve not previously had problems with the speed in Changi lounges and BA lounges to be fair.  As far as I could see there were only two desktop pcs available, but there was a large office desk that fits six with power points for those travelling with laptops.

There were TV’s around the lounge, with a larger one towards the back facing the swish lounge chairs.  If there are some sporting events I should imagine they’ll be prime spots.  If you are desperate to catch an event check out the Qantas lounge it has a very large screen with much more seating available.

There was a decent selection of magazines and newspapers available.
The toilets and showers are located near the entrance of the lounge to the left as you come in up a small slope.  They were nice and the showers were much better than those you get at the equivalent lounges in Terminal 5.  Apologies but I was being watched like a hawk by the staff member so didn’t feel as though I could take a picture!


To give BA some credit the lounge is a nice departure from the old lounge which I confess I hadn’t visited since the new Qantas lounge just around the corner opened.  However I can continue to see myself going into the Qantas Lounge instead of this one just because it seems better in almost every way.
The Qantas lounge gets busy around the 6-9pm time so it might be worth you going over the BA lounge for some quiet as I wouldn’t expect it to be as but I wasn’t there at that time so let me know if you’ve been in around then.