British Airways Concorde Bar Singapore Review – Changi Airport

The British Airways Concorde Bar Singapore is a newly designed First Class only lounge concept that British Airways is rolling out in the world.  The First of these was the Singapore Changi Airport Lounge and I managed to have a quick look round on my last visit.

Photo 26-09-2015, 15 40 44

The Seating

The Seating

Access to the Lounge

On the positive side, British Airways has kept the lounge pretty exclusive and is only allowing passengers flying in First Class.  On the negative side, that means that those with Oneworld Emerald and British Airways Gold cards are not allowed access, again unless they are flying in First Class.

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The lounge itself is located on the right hand side as you go in and is secured by an access code on the door.  When I visited the door was wide open so even though I wasn’t flying in First I was able to access the lounge.  I’ve since heard that BA is policing this a bit better now and you’ll need a member of staff to let you in.

Concorde Bar Comfort, Food and Drink

The Concorde Bar itself is pretty dark  – there are no windows and the lighting is pretty minimal as you can see from the images below.  If you check out the video here as well you can see that it’s small too – but I’d expect it to be for a small set of First passengers.


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The seating is a bit more upmarket than the main business lounge, and I can imagine that the lounge would be quiet most of the time allowing some escape for those that are able to use it.  There are a couple of nice spots in the lounge that have a wide screen TV and areas to work or dine in.  There are also newspapers and magazines available.

The Bar

The food was nothing special and there only a few light options at the time I was in the lounge  – I’ll add that I was waiting for a delayed Cathay flight that meant I could go in around 3 when the lounge opens.  There was a decent selection of drinks including Champagne available for self-service (not available in the business lounge).  But I’m aware this isn’t the same brand that’s served in the Heathrow lounges.

Fruits and Pastries

Wines and Liquors


Photo 26-09-2015, 15 40 37

The Concorde Bar is in my view a nice idea but I don’t think it’s been that well executed – the food in the Qantas lounge is better, it has live cooking and generally a better ambiance.  BA could do with having a member of staff there to serve the First passengers and give them a feeling that they are valued.

Bubbly Drinks

Conclusions on the British Airways Concorde Bar Singapore

Overall I was a little disappointed with the Concorde Bar here in Singapore – I think they would’ve been better to go down the Qantas route and just make a better combined lounge rather than create a dark and small lounge for First passengers.  I would still probably give it a miss even I was flying First on BA unless I was looking for some privacy.

Have you been to the Concorde Bar in Singapore?  What did you think?