ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card Review – Updated

ANZ has slightly amended its terms and conditions for the ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card to increase the free limo requirements, here is the updated review.

About the Card

The ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card is issued by ANZ and is a Visa branded card, it rewards you with Travel$. This card is issued in Singapore, KrisFlyer members can earn through this card via a transfer.  You can apply for the card using the link below:

ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card application

Sign-Up Bonus

The ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card offers a sign-up bonus of 2000 Travel$ when you sign-up which can be converted to 2000 Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer Miles – this isn’t as generous as other but it only requires a minimum spend of S$500.

Other Benefits

Free and Unlimited Lounge Access – I have this particular card for one reason only and that is the Free and Unlimited lounge access via Veloce Lounges. It’s a fantastic benefit, especially when I’m travelling on a budget airline or when I don’t have any relevant status (for me when I travel with Skyteam!). I’ve also encouraged my partner to have the card for this benefit as well.

Update – January 2015

In 2014 ANZ added Veloce lounges as their unlimited access lounge partner.  This was fantastic and gave access to some great lounges in both KLIA and Changi Airport.  As of January 2015 the list of lounges in KLIA and Changi Airport has been reduced drastically both in terms of quantity and quality.  For example at Changi you were able to access the Skyview lounge probably the best 3rd Party lounge in Changi, this is no longer the case.  So at Changi Airport there are now only two options:

  • Terminal 1 – Airport Wellness Oasis – Singapore Int’l Airport
  • Terminal 3 – Ambassador Transit Lounge

There are now no options in KLIA at all. 

To find what lounges you’ll have access to check out this page on the Veloce website and enter your card details, only then will you get your actual access.

Veloce Lounges for ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card

Receive Miles for Your Taxes – The second excellent benefit for the card is that you can also make your tax payments and receive Travel$ – something which most Singapore based cards have started to revoke. You’ll earn 1 Travel$ for every S$1 in tax payment with ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card. There is a processing fee of 0.7% (or 0.5% is a priority banking customer), but this can be waived depending on your spend. Even ignoring the rebate the ANZ tax payment facility is a deal worth going for:

Assuming you have a tax bill of S$10,000 to pay.

Processing fee = $70 (0.7%)
Travel$ Received = 10,000

The 10,000 can be converted to 10,000 KrisFlyer Miles with a $S25 conversion fee meaning that you’ve paid $S95 in total. I would value those miles at around the S$200 mark – see here as to why.

To find out more on the facility click here:  ANZ Tax Payment Facility

Ancillary Benefits – Update February 2015

There are a number of other benefits beyond the lounge access that you should be aware of too:

  • Free limousine to Changi Airport on spend of S$2,500 (changed from $S1,500)
  • Travel Insurance
  • Savings on Caltex
  • Some lifestyle benefits include popcorn at Golden village!

What is the Annual Fee?

Principal Card: S$200 p.a. (waived for the first year)
Supplementary Card: S$100 p.a. (waived for the first year).

Bonus for Renewal?

Upon renewal of annual membership you will receive 10,000 Travel$ , at a cost of S$200 (or 2 cents per Mile).  Many cards in Singapore offer a renewal bonus and it is a cheap way of picking up miles check out all of those cards using the link below:

Buy KrisFlyer Miles Cheaply With Credit Card Renewals in Singapore

What Do You Earn per $1?

Local spend: S$1 = 1.4 Travel$
Qantas, Jetstar and spend in Australia or New Zealand earn: S$1 = 2.8 Travel$

What are Travel$ Worth?

The points earned on the ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card are earned in Travel$ which are effectively another currency. These can be exchanged into two different frequent flyer programs including KrisFlyer:

  • KrisFlyer
  • Asia Miles

Note that a $S25 charge is levied for each transfer from Travel$ to your preferred program – the same as others – so do transfers in larger blocks if possible.

How Does this Compare?

If you are a KrisFlyer member then there are other cards around with a better sign-up bonus, and better ongoing earning opportunities. None of the other credit cards though offer unlimited use of lounges, so this is a big perk of the card.


Sign Up Bonus – 7/10
Ongoing Spend – 6/10

I’ve downgraded the sign-up bonus to a score of 7/10 just because of the veloce lounge access, it was a 9 but the change means I don’t rate this as highly.  You still get the miles sign-up bonus (although small), this is worth considering a card to have in your wallet.

However, there are a couple of downsides to the card hence why the ongoing spend doesn’t have a higher score. Firstly the earning rate on spend in Singapore is average at best, and unless you are travelling regularly to Australia/New Zealand or booking on Qantas/Jetstar regularly then you’ll going to be earning at the lower rate.

I personally have this card and although I’ve been enjoying the lounge access, it is a pain to use because of the lack of online banking. I will be paying my taxes using the tax payment facility assuming it is still the same in 2015, I’ll also be paying the annual fee in order to pick up the cheap KrisFlyer miles as I think I can do better than the cost of the 2 cents per mile.

You can apply for or just find more about the ANZ Travel Visa Signature Credit Card here