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I’m interested in those that may want to write a guest post on their travels – destinations, hotels, flights, airports and experiences.  I’m also interested in opinions on travel, what you like, don’t like or views on how things could be done differently.  If you think that you’ve got a good post then let me know.  If you already write a blog then get in touch as well as we may be able to link up. Please email at


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Many of the posts on the website are for specific offers and deals with airlines, hotels, and travel sites.  I will from time to time provide links to the relevant site for which I receive a commission upon, this will not affect the price that you pay.

I also receive a small commission on purchases at Amazon through this link: Amazon Home


Another area that I fund the website is through referrals.  I can provide these for the following:

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6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Do you have any thoughts about collecting miles on SQ vs. UA? I’ve been loyal to UA for more than 20 years, but now that they’re switching to revenue-based mileage I’m wondering whether to switch to SQ. I love the ease of redeeming award flights on the UA site, plus they don’t have a fuel surcharge … how do SQ and UA compare for award redemptions/in general? Thanks.

    • Hey Stacey, there is no easy answer to this I’m afraid. It depends on where you are based and what you want to do with the miles. But to start in terms of collecting miles you’ll need 50K to reach SQ Gold (star alliance Gold) and if you want to be PPS then you’ll need to spend SGD 25,000 in a 12 month period. Note that SQ are becoming less generous on Economy flights – with some only earning 10%.

      Redemptions: With SQ you can only book SQ/MI flights online but they come with a 15% discount from the published charts, all the rest is via a call centre (usually pretty good). They have a fuel surcharge. SQ do release more award inventory to KrisFlyer members than Star Alliance members and generally I’ve found space to very much available apart from a few routes.

      Also just to direct you as well the Points Guy has done a short comparison:

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi FST, I enjoy your posts and use your links if I need them. Not sure if you covered this but I found this hotel booking deal for earning KF miles today.

    What do you think?

  3. Any manufactured spending topics perhaps?

  4. Hi, your RSS feed link is not working.
    It goes into an infinite loop.
    Thanks for the great articles!

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