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About FST

Welcome to FlyStayTravel

Who am I and what do I do?

I’m a frequent semi-business/personal traveler, based in Singapore.  I work for a large aviation company, and have always had a passion for aviation in general.

Why did I start writing this blog?

I kept finding myself telling others about how they can save money or get the best deal from their travel.  It could have just been from where to find the cheapest flights, how to squeeze that little bit of extra value out of a redemption or even just the fact that a sale is on with their favourite airline.

How much do I travel?

Well over the last 3 years since the 31st of Jan 2012 I’ve flown 250,000 miles and completed 63 sectors, and average of nearly 3 flights a month.  Most of them are intra-asia or back to Europe.

What content will be on the website?

Flying – Posts will be on Miles, Points, Bonus offers, Sales and also trip reports.  They’ll also be posts on the airline industry

Staying – Posts on hotel stays, offers, points, bonus offers and sales – I tend to stay at the Hilton brand of hotels so maybe slightly biased here

Traveling – With a general interest in travel you’ll find posts on opinions, flights and experiences

You may also find some posts on aviation in general as I work in the industry!

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What makes me qualified to write this blog?

I really enjoy traveling and fortunately for me I’ve been able to quite a bit in the last two years. But I’m still learning as well, my main aim is to share what I know with others and make the most from the experience.

How can I get i contact?

Please refer to the Contact Me page for details, but please do!

Anything Missing?

Please let me know if you think that I should be writing about something.  Or if you have tips please share them, I can always be contact through comments or at theaddictedtraveller{at}flystaytravel.com

You can also contact me through twitter, facebook or if you have a picture to share through instagram.

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