Is It Worth Buying Hilton Honors Points for High End Hotels?

Hilton HHonors has extended its recent promotion offering 100% bonus on purchased points until the end of October – but is it worth buying Hilton Honors Points for High End Hotels?

Worth Buying Hilton HHonors PointsCheaper Hotel and Part Pay With Cash Is Good

Generally I advise that for Hilton Honors buying points is best for the cheaper properties, but there are definitely some good deals still to be found for high end properties, particularly in high season and for the ultra-luxury hotels.

Take Advantage of 5th Night Free

If you have enough points and at least Hilton Honors Silver status you can also take advantage of the 5th-night free offer that Hilton provides.  You’ll pay for four nights and the 5th is on them.  This provides great value, especially at the top end.  You can find out more details under the benefits of Hilton HHonors Status:

5th Night Free – Hilton Honors Status Benefits

Hilton Honors operates a category system with the cheapest property at 5,000 points per night and the most expensive at 95,000 points per night.  They also have a peak and off-peak pricing system, but generally, I’ve found most properties consistently priced at peak prices rather than off-peak (so I’ve used that for the comparison).

Hilton HHonors Categories

Currently, Hilton Honors are offering a 100% bonus on purchased points which is the highest rate they’ve traditionally offered, and everything below is based on a purchase price of 0.5 cents (USD) per point.

Conrad Koh Samui – 95,000 Hilton Honors Points

The Conrad Koh Samui is a property that I’m looking forward to staying at in the future, the place looks stunning.  A typical flexible rate at the hotel might set you back 700 USD per night, with the Hilton HHonors Points cost at 95,000 per night.

With the current 100% bonus promotion Hilton Honors points cost 0.5 cents per point meaning that for one night the cost is only $475 USD, a saving of $225.  You’ll obviously miss out on any of the points for the stay as well as the nights on your status count but it’s a significant saving.

Worth Buying Hilton HHonors Points - Conrad Koh Samui

If you opt for 5 nights it gets better, as the cost per night goes down to 76,000 or $380 USD with purchased Hilton Honors Points.  You can’t purchase 380,000 but if you’ve got a balance you can top-up with 160,000 per year – more details on the Hilton Honors Points Purchase Page:

100% Bonus on Hilton Honors Points Purchases

Conrad Maldives Rangali – 95,000 Hilton HHonors Points

One of the other top favorite Hilton properties is the Conrad Maldives on Rangali Island.  The hotel features and amazing underwater dining experience, which well looks amazing!  The prices per night for a flexible rate can vary but for a random few nights, I picked it was $950 per night.

The points cost is priced again at 95,000 so there are even better savings to be had than at the Conrad Koh Samui – $950 versus $475 with Hilton Honors Points Purchase.

As with the Conrad Koh Samui if you stay for 5 nights you can reduce that cost further really bumping up the value of your stay.

Worth Buying Hilton HHonors Points - Conrad Maldives

Hilton Moorea – 95,000 Hilton Honors Points

The Hilton Morea is another property that you could splurge your Hilton Honors Points.  Nights there can cost $550 per night, and again as the hotel is a category 10 the points cost can be as high as 95,000 points per night.  Even so, you’d be making a saving of $75 per night.

Worth Buying Hilton HHonors Points - Hilton Moorea

Conrad St.James – 80,000 Hilton HHonors Points

The Conrad St. James is the first and only Conrad hotel in London.  It’s a new property and relatively modern for a London hotel, and one that I’d recommend for a London stay.  The Conrad St.James is a category 9 property and costs a more reasonable 80,000 Hilton Honors points, prices per night on a flexible rate are $450 USD.

The points cost would be $400 so again a saving on the purchase rate.  Utilizing the 5th night free the per night cost would work out as $320.

Worth Buying Hilton HHonors Points Conrad St.James

Conrad Bali – 50,000 Hilton Honors Points

It’s not always the case that this works.  The Conrad Bali which I stayed at last year can be quite cheap, for a few different dates that I looked at it was around the $200 USD mark.  It’s a cheaper category hotel and only costs 50,000 Hilton Honors points but even at that cheaper rate it was $50 more expensive that paying for the stay – so the lesson is to always check on your redemption/award first.

I can imagine though that over a popular holiday period the rates could really jump and it might be worth considering the other options.

Worth Buying Hilton HHonors Points

I’ve also done a guide on the cheaper Hilton Honors properties, as purchasing can be worth it for the lower end hotels too:

Guide to Purchasing Hilton Honors Points

Again here is the link to purchase:

100% Bonus on Hilton Honors Points Purchases

Have you redeemed for these properties, as I’d love to know what your experiences were!