Looking Forward to the 2016 Singapore Airshow and a Look Back at 2014

The bi-annual Singapore Airshow is coming up in less than two weeks time and I’ll be going to the 2016 version as I did in 2012 and the last time round in 2014. I wanted to have a look back my previous Airshow experience.

AirplanesWhat is it?

Singapore Airshow is Asia’s largest and one of the most important aerospace and defence exhibitions in the world.in 2016 it’s going to be held between the 16th and 21st February.  It’s open to both Trade and the Public – more details are available at:

The Singapore Airshow 2016

There are two main parts of the event, the exhibitions and then the air displays.  If I’m honest I mostly go for the Air displays as apart from National Day in Singapore there are few if any options to see this kind of thing in Singapore.

If your an Aviation geek then going to the Airshow is a must as you get to see a wide variety of equipment, read on and you’ll see!

This is What I Saw in 2014


Every year there’s a very long list of exhibitors, including most of the major Aviation firms – Airbus, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Thales, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Pratt and Whitney, Honeywell to name just a few!  Most of the exhibitors set themselves up in the main exhibition hall showing off their latest technologies and innovation to show off and entice customers.

Changi Airport Stand – Including information on Terminal 5 and Project Jewel:

Exhibit to Asia and Beyond

Exhibit - Asia and Beyond

The Airbus Group Stand – very busy all day:

Airbus Group stand

Airbus Group

The Rolls-Royce stand – great service and managed to grab a coffee for a break!

Rolls Royce

British Army Personnel talking about ST Electronics Innovations:

The Talking Point

Some of the more unique stands including what looked like a computer game, a Hummer, and one of the themes of the Airshow this year UAV’s or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Defence Solution


Textron Airland


There are lots of conferences and forums, most of them on either new technological developments or country specific talks, fr example investment in China.  I didn’t attend these but if you go for a trade visit you can actually request meetings.

Static Display

When I went to the airshow in 2014 I didn’t seem to notice so many aircraft but this time there seems to loads.  A complete mix of corporate jets, passenger jets, military transports, helicopters (civilian and military), as well as small trainer aircraft.  In addition to this there were a number of UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

508 plane

part of exhibit

The Singapore Airshow 2014 seemed to allow you to go in far more of the static exhibits that I remember in the 2012 Airshow which was great.

My colleague and I decided to check out the RSAF Chinook, where to our surprise one of the crew gave us a briefing on the helicopter, but I have to say the seats weren’t too comfy!

for exhibit

inside premises

for exhibit plane

for viewing

A350 Airbus

Qatar Airways

Aerobatic Display

This airshow featured a number of different displays the main being from the RSAF, who it is worth mentioning do not do aerobatic displays full time but put on a great display.  In addition there were displays from the Indonesian airforce and from a Russin trainer aircraft (YAK)

Aerobatic Display

Aerobatic Display 1.1

Aerobatic Display 1.3

Aerobatic Display 1.4

V22 Osprey

This is one of the most interesting aircraft that you’ll ever see.  It is half helicopter half plane as you can see from the video below (excuse the quality it was on a small compact!)

V22 Osprey

V-22 Osprey Hovering to the Crowd:

V-22 Osprey Changing from Vertical to Horizontal positions:

V-22 Osprey Changing from Vertical to Horizontal positions:

Airbus A350 – Star of the Show

The star of the show was the Airbus A350 powered by Rolls-Royce Trent XWB engines, the most efficient aircraft engine in the world.  At the time it was going through its testing/certification phase so the general public wasn’t able to go and have a look inside, but some VVIP’s were allowed to do so (not including me unfortunately!).

A350 Airbus 1

Airbus A350 1.1

AirBus 1.2

A350 doing a Flyby:

If you are intending on going n one of the public days please note that the A350 will not be on display as it goes back t its testing schedule.  For information on tickets and the event in general please check out the Singapore Airshow Website.  Really recommend it for a day out, especially if you have kids.

Have you been to the Airshow before?