1,000 Bonus Miles with Citibank and Kaligo

Citibank and Kaligo have a new promotion going on offering 1,000 Miles for every $S200 charge made to Citibank Miles and Prestige credit cards.

Citibank and Kaligo

The promotion is between the 15th March and the 31st May.  I believe that as long as the charge is made to your card in that period then it’ll earn the bonus miles.

You’ll earn your usual 10 Miles per $S1 on Citibank Miles credit cards and 25 Citi Rewards Points on the Prestige Credit Card.

The promotion is available for the following Citibank Credit Cards which we’ve reviewed all:

How to Enrol in the Offer

You’ll need to SMS “Kaligo” to 72484 using the mobile number that is registered with Citibank.  Once completed you’ll receive a text stating that you’ve registered.  You can check out the promotion here:

Citibank and Kaligo Bonus Miles Offer

Taking Advantage of the Citibank and Kaligo Offer

If you have some stays coming up then if the night rates are above $S200 then it might be worth considering to splitting each night out thus maximising the promotion.

For example a 5 night stay costing $S1000 if booked in one transaction would only get 1 bonus of 1,000 Miles.  If you split into 5 nights then you’ll get 5,000 bonus miles.

I’ve got a stay coming up in Mumbai and this is pretty tempting, but sometimes Kaligo prices are a little higher so I always advise you to consider whether the extra miles are worth it.  Again here’s the promotion page for more details:

Citibank and Kaligo Bonus Miles Offer

Do you use Kaligo?